Find and Pursue Your Passions to Be Better.

Mission: Human Movement believes that every human being has the desire, the ability, and the right to Be Better. We exist to help people and communities find and pursue their passions through comprehensive knowledge and results-driven programming focused on movement, fitness, and psychological wellness, to master their own wellbeing and grow holistically.

What does that mean for you? It means that from Day 1, weโ€™ll help you Move Better so you hurt less and perform more. Whether thatโ€™s being a more well-rounded weekend warrior, or a super mom. When you know how to move, you can be more consistent, day after day and year after year. And that translates to a Better YOU.

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LifeStyle and Wellness

Whether you desire to Be Better with increased self-confidence, improved longevity, or the ability to be a Better mother/leader/friend, our Lifestyle & Wellness services help you be become a little bit better each and every day.

Services: Better Every Day Group Training Classes, One-on-One Personal Training, and More



With big goals in mind, you want to know that you're becoming Better each day. Whether it's shaving seconds, or adding pounds, our Performance services give you the edge you need to outperform your toughest opponent...yourself.'

Services: Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning Camps, Sports Performance One-on-One Training, Clinics, and More


Prehab and Massage

When you're goal is to improve each and every day, you can't let aches, pains, and dysfunction get in your way. Our myofascial techniques center around preventing injury (prehab) and getting you back to your passions as soon as possible.

Services: Focused Performance/Prehab Massage, TriggerPoint Therapy, Pain & Injury Prevention, and More


About Us

changing the way you move

Human Movement Performance and Prehabilitation was founded on the principles of moving well, thinking positively, and being better as a human. Through results-based, quantifiable goal-setting and improving positions and mechanics in all styles of movement, humans can reduce injury, ensure any desired fitness results, and promote peak performance. By focusing on these aspects, a person can obtain increased athleticism, improved mental health, and greater quality of life. Let Human Movement show you how to Move Better, and Be Better.


After suffering a calf injury while running, I was encouraged to contact Lucas at Human Movement for help. Lucas was able to identify immediately the reason why my injury occurred, and how to fix it. With just a couple of sessions consisting of proper running mechanics and mobility drills, I am now able to run pain free. I strongly recommend Lucas with Human Movement to anyone that wants to improve their mechanics and reduce injuries.
— Andrew S.

I was born with clubfoot, and have struggled with chronic ankle pain and inflexibility my entire life. After using Human Movementโ€™s Assisted Mobility Sessions and getting help from them with my running mechanics, I am actually ENJOYING training for a 5K!
— Heather W.

I have done a lot of my own research on healthy eating and habits so I wasnโ€™t sure if I would get much out of it. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to learn several new things that are very pertinent to my lifestyle and health!
— Wellness Seminar Participant
Strength, mobility, and flexibility are integral for me to be able to get through my Ironman training. [Movement coach] Lucas and his knowledge and skill in this area makes him an indispensable part of my training team. If you have big goals or just want to be more fit, Lucas can help get you to those goals.
— Marc E.

On my fitness journey, [movement coach] Lucas worked closely with me to push me to become better than I was. With use of barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, body weight and resistance training, I was able to become more proficient in my movement, and the many aspects of fitness. Constant varied exercises and a strong willingness to better myself played a vital role in reaching my goals. My results ultimately helped me complete many obstacle races and to begin doing CrossFit.
— Timothy M.

โ€˜One thing I learned that Iโ€™m glad I did was the [spine] bracing system. It was very useful.โ€™

โ€˜[Coach] Woody, thank you for teaching me how to PROPERLY do exercises, weight or not.โ€™

โ€˜I took this course to learn how to lift weights safely and correctly. I appreciate [Coach] Woody teaching me how to be safe and efficient in the weight room.โ€™
— High School Athletes in the Mav Mechanics Program
I have been exercising on my own since my teens (now I am 44), but I never had any formal instruction or supervision. Over the last few years I felt that I was losing my strength and stamina, despite continuing to exercise. I came to Human Movement 3 months ago on recommendation of a colleague, who has been training under Lucasโ€™s supervision.

Lucas is the man with the plan. Everything from his personal manner, to his gym, to the way he organizes each training session shows a great deal of thoughtfulness, planning and organization. I feel stronger and more energetic than I did since my early 30โ€™s. I can jump higher and row faster than I ever could. More importantly, I am learning how to exercise effectively and to move properly in my daily life.

I donโ€™t get a lot of free time between my work as a physician and my time at home with two young kids. The time is my most valuable commodity. Thatโ€™s why it is important to feel that the time I spend training with Lucas is the time well spent.
— Igor T.

The program [Run Better] definitely helped me break down the process of running. I do think about the aspects we learned about as I run now and really like how its broken into smaller, simpler concepts that are easy to think on and correct myself while running.
— Jacob F.