What can you expect for your Complimentary Consultation? For about 30 minutes, you and your Movement Coach will discuss your current needs, goals, and status. Your Coach may also ask you to complete a few assessment movements (not even enough to break a sweat). Once a picture has been painted, your Coach will give you an assessment of your needs, and what direction they feel you should take to help you succeed.

Why receive a Complimentary Consultation? To know where you are going, you first need to know where you are. The Questionnaires below will provide your Movement Coach with more information on your current condition, regular activities, and goals for your Performance and/or Prehabilitation prior to your complimentary consultation. Once you know where you are, we can help point you in the direction of your success.

Step 1. Complete a Consultation Questionnaire


Choose the most appropriate questionnaire, based your desired goals. Not sure which questionnaire is right for you? Start with Wellness, and be sure to let your Movement Coach know you are interested in more.


Step 2. Schedule your Consultation Online


Human Movement understands your time is valuable. Using the scheduler below, schedule a convenient time for your complimentary Consultation.

Note: Due to demand, Consultations may need to be rescheduled after online scheduling has been completed. Your Movement Coach will contact you in advance to reschedule an appointment should it be necessary.