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Better Every Day - Group Training

Every person has the desire and ability to be Better. Our goal isn't to be perfect, but a little bit better each day. Better Every Day is daily group training designed to help our clients improve every aspect of their fitness and wellness, from strength, power, balance & flexibility, nutritional wellness, and more. Sessions are held morning and evening each day. And to ensure continued progress, you'll meet one-on-one with a Movement Coach each month, to give you the individualized attention you need to meet your specific goals.

Cost: $105/month ($85 Students/Military/Police/Fire) Prerequisites: Move Better Basics (WAIVED for November & December 2018)

Perfect For: Lifetime Progress, Lasting Well-Being and Fitness, Community, Motivation

What Your Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited Access to Daily Classes (One Hour)

  • Monthly One-on-One Meeting with Movement Coach



Move Better Basics

Our bodies are wonderful machines, and work best when used properly. Move Better Basics is a 6 Session program built to efficiently and effectively teach you proper mechanics and techniques to improve your abilities and reduce your chance of injury. In 6 sessions, you'll learn the following (and more):

Universal Motor Patterns for All Exercises     |     Scaling for any Fitness Level     |     Nutritional Guidelines

Why is Move Better Basics required before I can join Better Every Day? Imagine showing up to work every day, and before you can begin working on new projects, you have to go through your new hire training over and over and over....frustrating right? Move Better Basics allows us to teach you everything you'll need to know to begin working in our group program, without having to reteach proper techniques and form to new visitors every day. This allows you (and the rest of the group) to learn more, faster.

Perfect For: Biomechanical Techniques, Improved Movement, Reduced Injury/Setbacks

Prerequisites:   None

               Cost:   One-on-One Sessions: $195/6 Sessions                                           Group: $97/6 Sessions

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Next Session: TBA

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Individual/Small Group Coaching

You have the desire to become Better, and now you are looking for step-by-step guidance and accountability you need to reach your goals. Let one of the Movement Coaches here at Human Movement help you find and pursue your passions through comprehensive knowledge and results-driven programming focused on movement, fitness, and psychological wellness, to master your own wellbeing and grow holistically.

Cost: Individual - Average $72/session (Packages Available) Small Group - Average $49/session (Packages Available)

Perfect For: Specific Goals, Individualized Attention, Tight Schedules

Prerequisites: None