Upcoming Programs

Run Better - A Running Skills Clinic

August 7, 2018 | Run Better is a clinic designed to help runners of all levels and abilities improve their running through skill-based drills and techniques. The ultimate take-away of Run Better is to give the participant the tools they need to improve running efficiency, reduce running injuries, and improve their running abilities for all seasons to come.

THe Warrior Within

August 20, 2018 | If you've ever wanted to find out what you're truly capable of and push yourself to your limits... If you're in a rut in fitness, or in life, and want a way out. This program will help you pursue those dreams and much more. Work as a team in a challenging, outdoor program to conquer obstacles, complete mental & physical tasks, and unleash your Warrior Within!

High School Summer Camps

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Basketball SAQ Camp

This specialized basketball Speed Agility, and Quickness Camp is built to give the athlete an upper edge against their opponent. Foot speed, cutting prowess, and acceleration are all necessary to out-maneuver your opponent, and this camp brings it all to you.

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Sprint Speed Clinic

An 8 week sprinting mechanics and conditioning program with one goal in mind, increase Acceleration and Top Speed of all athletes. This clinic will use various tools, techniques, and cues to increase speed and improve performance. Laser Timing Assessments on the first and last day of the Clinic give immediate feedback on results. 

Advanced Strength & conditioning

Designed for the advanced abilities of upperclassmen athletes, this program is built to reach the peak performance of the participants, with advanced programming and modalities designed to reach the upper levels of athleticism.

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Mav Mechanics Camp

Designed to advance Freshman and Sophomores in a safe and effective environment, the Mav Mechanics Camp will teach athletes how to perform the 7 essential lifts appropriately, to build a strong foundation for the rest of their High School Athletic Career.